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In-depth customer insights that help you gain a competitive edge

We all have access to so much more data, and although that has helped to answer a lot of questions, the real in-depth insight that can make the difference and deliver a competitive edge often alludes us.

TREND specialises in getting access to the information that can make all the difference to how you successfully execute your campaigns, be they Account Based Marketing initiatives, new product launches, lead generation initiatives, or market testing projects.

Based on tried, tested methodologies, TREND has the ability to cut through the noise, and get to the insights to enable you to better understand your markets, your customers and your competitors.

Typical events for using TREND are:

1. Launching new products and services

You may be launching new tech solutions into new or existing markets, or you may be struggling post launch because market uptake is not as successful as you hoped it would be, so a key driver might be the need to better understand target market segments, technology trends, customer business issues, pain points, buying behaviours, and perceptions, as well to better understand the competitive landscape and addressable business opportunity.

We provide the insights to help you fine tune value propositions, target the sales people more effectively, and deliver the right messages to the right people to drive demand.

2. Account Based Marketing Initiatives

Many of our tech clients are starting to realise the benefits of focusing more on better understanding their largest customers and prospective customers with a view to growing the amount of business they do inside each account.

The key to successful account based marketing is not only knowing who the key decision makers are, but also better understanding their challenges, issues, and desired outcomes so that you can better align your products to these outcomes and develop a competitive edge.

We not only help our clients to build a better understanding of these often quite complex target accounts but we also work very closely with the account teams to develop an effective customer engagement strategy that adds practical value to the account plan

3. Lead Generation

Often aligned to new product and service launches, you may be looking for lead generation to support specialist sales teams accelerate pipeline development to drive net new revenues.

TREND helps shorten sales cycles and reduce time to revenue by providing sales teams with the information they need.

Our key differentiator here is facilitating marketing teams to better interpret and use the insights to their advantage so they can position products and services more successfully with customers and to support sales teams by providing them with qualified leads and a “reason to call”