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Account Insight

This fast growing service is typically used to support Account Based Marketing initiatives as it focuses on providing in-depth customer insights on nominated strategic and large enterprise accounts that our clients want to invest in.

The customer insights are aimed at plugging critical information gaps and typically feed into updating account plans, helping sales teams to identify new customer stakeholders, new projects, and supporting them to develop a more effective engagement plan.

Strategic and large Enterprise accounts for these initiatives will either be existing customers where you may already have an existing contract or they may be a prospective customer you want to break into.

Your Account Based Marketing strategy might be 1:1. 1:Few, or 1:Many.

Either way you believe there is significant opportunity to grow the business, but you may have limited sales resource to focus on lead generation activity across all the lines of business, or across different regions, as often you will dealing with quite complex organisations.

We accelerate intelligence gathering and will save account teams a significant amount of time identifying new decision makers, and new project opportunities.

Most account teams want information on:

1. What are the real business issues and pain points, and what are the compelling events driving change?

2. What are currently the most important business projects receiving significant investment?

3. Who are the different stakeholders in each of the main lines of business we need to be engaging with?

4. Where do these stakeholders, decision makers, and influencers go to get the information they need?

5. What channels do these individuals want their suppliers to communicate with them through?

6. How are competitor’s really perceived by these stakeholders?

7. Is there a partner ECO system within each account that we can collaborate with to grow the business?

TREND has a lot of experience in gathering customer insights but experience has shown that account teams often struggle to align their solutions effectively to these insights and business outcomes.

We have therefore introduced facilitation workshops whereby we support sales teams to develop a more compelling sales engagement strategy, based on the insights we have gathered that will add value to their overall account plans

The key output is our “Plan on a Page” – a top line action plan that sales executives can refer to on an on-going basis to have them be more focused on follow up activity to accelerate pipeline development.