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Channel Partner Insight

This service is aimed at high tech companies who are:

  1. Looking to expand market reach and geographic coverage
  2. Accelerate the recruitment of new distribution channels
  3. Fine tune channel partner programmes to maintain a competitive advantage.

Expanding market coverage

You might be launching new products and services, and looking to recruit new channel partners with the requisite skill set, and you might be expanding into new territories and need to expand distribution capability – either way, TREND can help you to accelerate your recruitment strategy, and save you considerable time and effort.

We will typically identify and profile candidates to build a list of the most suitable targets, and make recommendations on who the best candidates are in each targeted territory.

Keeping channel partner programmes competitive

A compelling event might be that an existing competitor has launched new technology products, or you are faced with a new entrant, both of whom are likely to be targeting your channel partners.

It is going to be of paramount importance for you to better understand what the likely threats are, and also what do your most important partners need from you.

You may as a result also be reviewing your T&Cs, and compensation programmes and will need to know if they will be competitive moving forward.

TREND has many years experience in gathering the intelligence and providing the insights you will  need to make quick and accurate decisions around growing distribution capability and/or delivering competitive channel partner programmes.

Our projects have covered many countries and regions, but our main focus is EMEA, so if you are headquartered in the US, Latin America, or in APAC, and are looking to accelerate business development in any of the EMEA regions, we can help you do that.