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Market Insight

To successfully execute any marketing plan, be it when launching new products and services, exploiting growth plays like technology hot spots, or when executing a competitive attack programme, the stakeholders will have wanted to have thoroughly backed up any decisions with hard data and in-depth market insights.

Part of the due diligence would be focused on getting answers to critical information blind spots. A blind spot is something you know you don’t know, and getting answers is usually key to successful decision making..

Typical blind spots might include::

  1. What is the addressable business opportunity for our products and services?
  2. Which customer segments should we prioritise?
  3. Who are the key stakeholders we should be targeting, and why?
  4. What are their key business issues, challenges, pain points, and buying behaviours?
  5. Where are customers prioritising their investments, and why?
  6. Where do customers go to find out about solutions that can help them solve these business issues?
  7. Who do customer’s perceive to be the main players in your market, and why?
  8. What do customer’s perceive are your main capabilities and shortcomings

Over the last 20 years, TREND has developed tried and trusted methodologies for gathering customised primary research that delivers the in-depth customer insights, and we have some great case studies that show how we have supported clients to execute more successful campaigns.

There will be several outputs depending on how the market data is going to be used, but if it is going to be used for both internal and external consumption, we will typically produce an executive management summary and in-depth market report for internal use, followed by a white paper for customers and channel partners.